New Cafe

If you're new to the business world of coffee, there must be a bunch of questions running through your head.

To save your head a bunch of scratches, here is what you will need to make a great coffee.

Espresso Machine ($5k-$30k)

Grinder ($1k-$4k)(each)

Water filter ($120)

Tamper ($100)

9 Milk Jugs ($120 2 small, 3 medium, 2 large)

Knock tube ($100)

Cocoa Shakers ($20)

 So, you would have noticed the biggest variance in price is with the machinery. What machinery you choose will depend on your circumstances. For subjective purposes, high end machinery demand the high prices for the excellent looks, finishes and ability to adjust machine settings changing the taste of the coffee. For commercial purposes, the biggest difference between the two is the ability to maintain constant brewing temperatures for dependable coffee flavour and the hot water and steam to not run "out of puff" during peak times. 

Knowing what is truly required and controlling costs at the beginning is extremely important to the longevity and success of your new business.

The same is for coffee beans. The coffee must be delicious. Not too weak, not too bitter. Tastes great as a long black and as a flat white. Brands can work for the first customer experience. Customers will try you (or alternatively avoid you) if they like the brand you serve, but the experience and quality coffee you make them will determine whether they return. Paying extra for a brand should only ever be done if that brand has intense pulling power, constantly providing new customers, otherwise the costs of this can become brutal to your bottom line. You can work out your added free cash using our coffee with our calculator. Supply contracts are so you pay for the machinery, umbrellas, barriers and other merchandising, wouldn't you prefer to own this equipment being paid for than simply being loaned it?

Before, coffee prices were too high to really make sense of taking control of your store, but now there are very significant savings that are available through Grindenpour. 

Here's an example- A store purchases 30kg per week of coffee paying $34/kg =$1020/week.

Using Grindenpour U blend, that becomes 30kg x $24= $720/week.

=$300 per week saving.

Over one year that becomes $15,600. (Entry price machinery, umbrellas paid)

Two years $31,200. (Entry= profits) (High end machinery etc paid + profits)

Three years $46,800. (Profits + machinery is your property = advantage) 

It's doing your homework early that makes the really big difference to your business. Note that it is not unheard for cafes to turn over 2-3 times this volume of coffee. 

So, some people say we are crazy for not doing things the normal way and leaving so much money on the table. We completely disagree!

We focus on our end making sure we deliver exactly what we say will, when we will and having our customers become truly successful which we believe is what truly makes a great partnership.