Nice to meet Ü!

Let's start with saying this, we do things differently here.

You're probably used to negotiating on price, signing up to a supply agreement and filling out credit application forms. The process is slow and time consuming. Here at Grindenpoür, we work fast! 

We decided that your time is important so we skipped those steps and came up with our best and final price, made it public and it's available to purchase right now at our online store. We are ready constantly roasting fresh coffee so when you order, we send it to you as quickly as possible. We make it easy to purchase specialty coffee.

We sell coffee to many businesses ranging from cafes, espresso bars, restaurants and offices.

If you are wondering why our price is so low, we can assure you, it is not at the expense of the beans. We simply created a new way of doing business by reducing all of our other overheads and work from within our "Online Roastery" here on the website.

At Grindenpoür we have decided to come up with a product that is straight forward.

  • Great tasting 100% specialty arabica coffee beans , drum roasted. 
  • No lock-in contracts, no conditions.
  • Just buy what you need, when you need from our online store.

Simply a delicious blend of coffee at a low price, free of any extras and conditions for you as a business owner. We give the power of your business to you!